about us

What Is Airsoft?

The simplest description is that it’s similar to paintball (But a 100 x better 🙂 ) and you engage another team and fire 6mm plastic BB’s. These can sting a little but in my opinion hurts a lot less than paintball. However, the BB’s do travel at some speed so Eye protection is mandatory and the use of full face protection is recommended (Mandatory for under 16’s).

Airsoft games fall under several categories but 3 of the main ones are indoor CQB (Close Quarter Battle), Outdoor which includes Woodland & FIBUA (Fighting in Built-up Areas) & Milsim (Military Simulation) which involves games that can last for several days and involves multiple objectives and scenarios.

One of the main reasons that Airsoft is gaining in popularity is that it enables the player to use realistic imitation weapons (Rif’s) that look, feel & function just the same as the real world counterpart. In fact, Airsoft weapons are now being issued and used by the Police and Armed Forces in training exercises due to their realism.

What We Offer…

Sabre Troop Airsoft is a Mobile Airsoft Range that attends large events across the UK and is also available for private hire. We can tailor the perfect package for any of your upcoming events including birthday parties, event launch days, corporate functions, trade days, etc.

The bespoke built range is approximately 30ft in length and has a combination of metal knock-down targets and the more traditional paper targets.

Sabre Troop is fully insured for public and employee liability and every event has a full Risk & Safety assessment carried out beforehand.
Full safety equipment is provided and the fully trained staff enable Sabre Troop to provide a fun yet safe environment for all ages.

The owner and staff of sabre troop have been playing airsoft for several years at sites across the UK and the owner decided it was time to bring Airsoft to the general public to give them a taste of the fun that can be gained from this sport / hobby.